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Old Portfolio

We're still working to bring the old portfolio back -

Crossfit website design

Crossfit Website Design Crossfit Website Design Whether you need a beautifully functional website design for advertising purposes or e-commerce, AdChix Website Design can meet your needs using the latest in HTML5, Css3, WordPress, Drupal, and other platforms. View...

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Character and Mascot Branding

Having a a mascot or character may be new to web design, but it's one of the oldest (and smartest) tricks in the book for advertising in general. Having a mascot or character is one of the best ways of imprinting a marketing message into the minds of consumers -- and...

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Aspen Business Park

Billboard Design Aspen Business park -- Permanent Billboard Title Think Big! Billboard design Subtitle We are a real estate development company (www.randallcorp.com) with year round access to a billboard fronting a major highway. Background information Overview Target...

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Life Direction

UK-based weight loss programme. This website is mainly used for Groupon Code redemption. For the specialized code needed, I enlisted the help of 17-year-old prodigy programmer Koen Vendrick of the Netherlands - making this a truly international project. Visit Website...

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Los Portales

Los Portales Mexican Grille Los Portales is located in Evansville, Indiana Visit Website  [clear]Software used in this project:  

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Epic Management Resources

EPIC Management Resources, LLC   . . . provides project management, construction management and commissioning services for oil and gas production companies as well as EPC prime contractors. Visit Website[clear] Software used in this project:  

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Ronald Fletcher

Ronald Fletcher This site belongs to my big brother. He's an engineer, so I felt like he needed a better than average website. This site is Ajax and php -- not a bit of flash, but it has all the bells and whistles of flash - without the long download times and you can...

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Lamazad Kuwait Auction Site & Logo Design Visit Site Software used in project:     I relied heavily on Dreamweaver in this project for finding and editing php files.

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Libre Rum & Cola

Libre Rum & Cola LIBRE RUM & COLA The world's first low calorie, aged rum and cola - ready to drink ("RTD") in a can! Visit Website[clear] Software used in project:  

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