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Billboard Design

Billboard Design

Aspen Business park -- Permanent Billboard


Think Big! Billboard design


We are a real estate development company (www.randallcorp.com) with year round access to a billboard fronting a major highway.

Background information


Target market for this piece are drivers ( moving at 65 MPH) so it has to catch their attention quickly and provide a quick imprint of the "Aspen Business Park" brand or the "Randall Corporation" company name. The goal is to re-enforce brand identification for the business park and to lease available space within the park. We are not adverse to "Space for Lease" type wording. The business park has a recognized brand and we need to re-enforce that

Brand Name

Randall Corporation

Brief Summary

We are a real estate development company (http://www.randallcorp.com) with year round access to a billboard fronting a major highway. We are working to lease space within our Aspen Business Park (1601 Golden Aspen Drive, Ames, Iowa in google maps) which is a high quality office complex with single story brick buildings, open green space, ample parking and convenient access to surrounding amenities including restaurants, golf course (http://www.coldwatergolf.com) and Iowa State University athletic facilities. We offer professional facilities that house our chamber of commerce, visitors bureau, large international companies and small commercial businesses. We have not had a consistent theme for our design and have used both outside designers and clear channel (billboard provider) for design. All of which have been average at best.

Content details


Has to be highly visible, easily understandable and readable. Most people look at billboards for about a second. The attached billboards are our current offerings and are of marginal quality at best. I've given you photos of the properties, but images of the property are not required as the billboard is located directly adjacent to the business park. - professional feel - use of Aspen Business Park brand name -http://www.randallcorp.com -creativity which we lack. Below is a link to Clear Channel design requirements: http://www.clearchanneloutdoor.com/…-specs.pdf

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